Mens Taped Trousers

Hi Vis Men's Taped Trousers For Hazardous Conditions

At Bisley, we have a variety of men's taped pants for your workwear rotation so you can remain visible from head-to-toe. Our taped cargo trousers are perfect for daytime wear, while our straight leg utility pants and cotton drill pants are great for long hours on-site. Meanwhile, our taped Flx Move range is ideal for extra stretch and mobility, night safety and fire-resistant trousers.

/ Waterproof and breathable fabric / Waterproof rating: Up to 20,000mm H20 / Reflective tape around lower leg / All seams are seam sealed / Full elasticated waistband / Lower leg in contrast colour for dirt protection / Adjustable press...

How are our taped trousers hi vis certified?

Our hi vis clothing is manufactured to a recognised standard, including the British standard for hi-vis clothing (BS EN 471). This European standard is designed to meet the legal requirements for personal protective equipment. Whatever the trousers, jackets, shirts or even the accessories, we have hi vis clothing made from materials for the following classes:

  • Class 1: Materials to be seen in headlights during darkness.
  • Class 2: More visible retroreflection performance.
  • Class 3: Being the best and manufactured from the most reflective materials.

For more information about our hi vis ratings, reach out to the team!

Why are taped clothes important?

Biomotion taped clothing is important in the workplace as it protects our men and women in trade against any health and safety risks. Safety wear, otherwise known as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), workwear will lessen the likelihood of injury and illness in a high-risk working environment. Make sure you're safe every time you step on-site at all times!

Functional design details

Bisley knows the demands in the construction and industrial development industry. As a result, our men's taped trousers offer extra pockets, fast-holding snap closures, pen-holders, and reinforced stitching to vented crotch gussets- all with the central goal to keep you working productively both on-site and off.

SPF protection

All our men's trousers within this range offer some level of sun protection. The ultraviolet radiation transmitted through a fabric to the skin is measured and given a rating of 15 (Min protection), 30 (good protection), 50 and 50+ (excellent protection).

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