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UK's Best Men's Heavy-Duty Jacket

For decades, Bisley Workwear has been a name synonymous with trust and quality. Now we bring our expertise to the UK with our men's heavy-duty jacket collection. This range is a testament to our commitment to providing robust and reliable workwear. Whether you're a builder braving the elements on a construction site, an electrician tackling intricate installations, or a landscaper transforming outdoor spaces, our collection is developed with your needs in mind.

/ Fabric waterproof rating: Up to 15,000mm H20 / Fully seam sealed waterproof garment / Dual layer waterproof dobby fabric with internal wadding for warmth / Multi-functional waterproof zip pockets / Shaped built in hood with collar stand for protection...
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⁄ Durable two layer waterproof and breathable fabric⁄ Waterproof rating: Up to 15,000mm H2O⁄ All seams are seam sealed⁄ Quilted lining for extra warmth⁄ Three piece shaped hood with adjustable toggles⁄ Two zip chest pockets⁄ Two waist inseam zip pockets⁄ Adjustable half elasticated cuff with touch tape tab...

Why Choose Bisley UK for Your Heavy-Duty Work Jacket?

At Bisley Workwear UK, we bring a promise of quality. Whether you need a heavy-duty waterproof jacket to tackle those rainy days or a heavy-duty fleece jacket for brisk chilly mornings, we ensure that every need is covered with jackets that are designed to last and perform in the toughest conditions.

Our dedication to quality extends into every aspect of our customer experience. We put our customers at the forefront of everything we do, embodying the principles and values that have been the cornerstone of our brand since its inception. This customer-first approach means servicing even the largest orders while maintaining consistent quality performance and delivering a service that doesn't just meet but exceeds customer expectations.

Our strength lies in our commitment to the simple, old-fashioned values, a legacy instilled by our founder and carried forward with each heavy-duty work jacket we produce.

Exceptional Features of Bisley UK Men’s Heavy-Duty Jacket

Here's a look at the standout features that make our men’s heavy-duty jacket a valuable item for any work environment:

Weather-Resistant and Durable Design

Our heavy-duty hooded jacket is designed with a durable two-layer waterproof fabric that offers exceptional protection. The jacket's resilience is matched by its functionality, featuring two zip chest pockets that provide secure and convenient storage for essential items.

Adding to its robust design is the cleverly shaped built-in hood with a collar stand. This innovative feature gives you protection when the hood is down, and when up, the adjustable cord allows for a customisable fit, keeping you shielded and focused no matter the weather.

Our jacket's design is a blend of practicality and protection, ensuring that you stay dry, comfortable, and ready to face whatever the day throws at you.

Advanced Insulation for Maximum Warmth

In crafting our men’s heavy-duty jackets, we've taken every measure to ensure they provide maximum warmth, even in the coldest conditions. The secret to this exceptional warmth lies in the quilted lining, a feature that not only adds an extra layer of insulation but also offers a comfortable fit. This lining creates a barrier that traps heat, keeping you warm and comfortable throughout your day.

But the warmth doesn't stop there. For our FLX & MOVE Heavy Duty Dobby Jacket, we've also incorporated internal wadding, a key element that enhances the jacket's ability to retain heat. This wadding acts as an additional thermal layer, effectively blocking out the cold and sealing in the warmth.

Excellence in Every Stitch

At Bisley Workwear UK we place excellence at the core of every stitch in our jackets. Every seam and every thread is a testament to our dedication to providing durable, reliable men's workwear.

High-quality fabric and Craftsmanship Details

Each heavy-duty work jacket in our collection is crafted from premium materials, chosen specifically for their durability and resilience.

This dedication to quality extends to the construction of our jackets as well. All seams are expertly seam-sealed, enhancing the garment's strength and ensuring complete protection against weather. Moreover, the fabric used in our jackets has an impressive waterproof rating of up to 15,000mm H2O, providing reliable defence against heavy rain and wet conditions.

This attention to detail, from the careful stitching of each seam to the selection of zipper and fabric, reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence and providing the best possible workwear.

Explore Our Heavy Duty Jacket Collection

Heavy Duty Dobby Jacket

The Heavy Duty Dobby Jacket stands as a powerhouse of durability and comfort, designed to withstand the toughest of work environments. It features a durable two-layer waterproof and breathable fabric, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable no matter the weather.

Every seam of this jacket is meticulously seam-sealed, reinforcing its strength and enhancing its ability to shield against weather conditions. Inside, the quilted lining offers extra warmth, a crucial feature for those long hours on chilly job sites. The jacket's design includes a three-piece shaped hood with adjustable toggles, providing versatile protection and adaptability to various conditions.

Practicality is key for the tradesman, and this jacket has two zip chest pockets and two waist inseam zip pockets, perfect for securely storing essential tools and personal items. Additionally, the adjustable half-elasticated cuff with touch tape tab closure allows for a customizable and comfortable fit.

The FLX & MOVE™ Heavy Duty Dobby Jacket

The FLX & MOVE™ Heavy Duty Dobby Jacket is Bisley Workwear's innovative solution for the active tradesman who demands both flexibility and protection in their workwear. This jacket stands out with its exceptional fabric waterproof rating ensuring that you stay dry even in the most challenging weather conditions. The garment is fully seam-sealed, enhancing its waterproof capabilities.

Crafted with dual-layer waterproof dobby fabric, it also provides essential warmth, thanks to the internal wadding. This feature is especially valuable during colder months, keeping you comfortably warm without hindering movement.

Understanding the need for practicality in the field, the jacket is equipped with multi-functional waterproof zip pockets. These pockets are designed to safeguard your tools and personal items against the weather while offering easy accessibility. The jacket's functionality is further enhanced with a thoughtfully shaped built-in hood, featuring a collar stand for added protection when the hood is down, and an adjustable cord allows you to customise the fit.

Another key feature of the FLX & MOVE™ jacket is the elasticated sleeve cuff adjuster. This design element offers a snug fit around the wrists, enhancing comfort and ensuring better insulation against cold air. Additionally, it provides practicality and maintains the overall sleek look of the jacket.

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