Mens Workwear Shorts

Men's workwear shorts for warm weather

Being in the business of workwear for over 60+ years, Bisley is well equipped when it comes to designing and developing quality men's work shorts that are not only durable, but also stylish and functional. 

Our men's shorts range is extensive, offering styles including but not limited to classic khaki cargo work shorts, heavy duty work shorts, utility shorts (additional design features included), cotton work shorts, Hi Vis shorts edged with biomotion tape and stretch shorts

Our men's workwear shorts are not just practical, they're built to endure. Made from advanced, durable materials, they resist wear, tear, and fading, ensuring that you look professional day in and day out. We've integrated features like reinforced seams and spacious, secure pockets, perfect for keeping tools and personal items safe while you're on the move.

⁄ 4-way stretch fabric for extra comfort and movement⁄ Elastic waistband with drawcord⁄ Cordura® on high stress areas for increased durability⁄ Back welt pockets⁄ Reflective side zip pockets⁄ Inleg length 20cm / 8 inches
/ Stretch cotton canvas for extra comfort and movement / Garment enzyme washed to create worn in look / Cordura® highlights on pocket opening and bellow of the cargo pocket for increased durability / In leg gusset panel for extra...
/ Stretch cotton canvas for extra comfort and movement / Holster cargo pockets on waistband for easy access to tools / Holster pocket easily tucks into angled side pocket for added versatility / Garment enzyme washed to create worn in...
/ Stretch cotton canvas for extra comfort and movement / Contrast grey oxford highlights in high abrasive areas for extra durability / 12 Multi functional pockets / Gusset crotch panel to prevent crotch splitting / Seven reinforced wider and stronger...

Why Choose Bisley UK for Men's Work Shorts?

With over 60 years of expertise in workwear, Bisley has become a trusted name in developing top-quality men's work shorts. Our commitment is evident in every pair we create.

From classic khaki work shorts that offer a timeless look, to heavy-duty options built to withstand the toughest conditions. Our utility cotton work shorts shorts come with additional design features for enhanced practicality, and provide the ultimate comfort without compromising on strength.

For those needing extra visibility, our Hi Vis shorts with biomotion tape are the perfect solution, ensuring safety in low-light conditions. And for the utmost flexibility and ease of movement, our stretch shorts are the ideal choice.

Each style in our collection has undergone rigorous testing to meet International workwear standards. This ensures that every pair of Bisley shorts delivers in areas crucial to workwear functionality, be it water resistance, sun protection, static control, industrial strength, or even flame and fire resistance.

Workwear Features Essential on the Job

Our commitment to quality is evident in the choice of high-grade fabrics like durable cotton, engineered to endure the rigors of a demanding workday.

Going beyond the basics, Bisley's work shorts incorporate advanced fabric technologies and thoughtful design elements. We've introduced X Airflow ventilation in critical stress areas, such as the knees and crotch gusset, to enhance air circulation and reduce heat build-up.

Our use of industrial-strength stretch material adds another layer of functionality, offering unparalleled ease of movement without compromising on the structural integrity of the shorts.

Variety in Styles and Colours: Find Your Fit

At Bisley Workwear UK, our collection spans from the classic appeal of khaki work shorts to the modern functionality of flex work shorts, ensuring that every tradesperson finds their perfect match.

Whether you prefer classic navy and beige or cargo print, our selection is tailored to cater to every preference. Our range extends beyond traditional choices, offering innovative designs and contemporary styles.

Our sizes accommodate a wide spectrum of body types. We understand that comfort and fit are paramount in workwear, and our goal is to provide shorts that not only look good but feel great to wear all day. To assist you in finding the ideal fit, we have a detailed sizing guide available, making it easy for you to select the right size for your body type.

Pairing Men’s Cargo Work Shorts: Tips and Ideas

Men's khaki work shorts from Bisley Workwear UK are a staple choice for the modern tradesman.

For a professional look while on the job, consider pairing these khaki shorts with a crisp, white cotton shirt. This combination strikes the perfect balance between comfort and a neat appearance, ensuring you look well-put-together during client meetings or daily tasks. Alternatively, for a more relaxed and casual approach, a simple t-shirt complements the khaki shorts well, providing ease and freedom of movement.

Our men's cargo or khaki shorts within the FLX & MOVE range are particularly recommended for those who require functionality while on-site. These shorts are designed to provide maximum mobility and comfort, making them ideal for the dynamic demands of trade work.

How to Style Men’s Utility Shorts for Work

For a typical workday, pairing men’s utility shorts with a comfortable, breathable polo shirt creates a practical yet stylish outfit. Complement this ensemble with a durable pair of work boots for both protection and support.

When the weather turns colder, layering is key. Adding a Bisley jacket or jumper not only keeps you warm but also maintains a professional look. Bisley's range of outerwear is designed to complement our utility shorts, ensuring you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort.

For those casual days on the job site or a relaxed afternoon, our utility cotton work shorts can be paired with our signature range of lightweight shirts. These shirts are crafted with breathable fabric, an excellent choice for work days.

What should I wear men’s khaki work shorts with?

Whether you’re on-site or off duty, the everyday tradesman can wear our khaki shorts with just about anything. For functionality on-site, we recommend our men’s cargo or khaki shorts within our Flx & Move range.

What should I wear men’s utility shorts with?

Our best-selling cotton work shorts come in a traditional fit, and are perfect to wear on a casual job site or easy afternoon. Pair back with our signature range of lightweight shirts, which feature breathable fabric and 100% cotton styles.

How can I wear Bisley work shorts casually?

You can also keep your looks casual and comfy by pairing any of our Bisley workwear shorts with Polo’s, tees and singlets, but don’t forget to complete your workwear uniform with our Bisley accessories.

Upgrade Your Work Shorts Today!

Enhance your work wardrobe with Bisley Workwear UK. Visit our website or call us at 0800 9550 550 to explore our range of men's workwear shorts. Find the perfect pair to suit your style and work needs today.

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