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Welcome to Bisley Workwear UK, where durability meets functionality in our specially designed range of men's puffer jackets. Crafted for hardworking men of various trades, our collection stands as a testament to our commitment to quality and practicality.

We understand the demands of outdoor work environments in the UK and have designed a line of jackets that offer reliable and comfortable solutions. Each jacket in our collection helps you stay focused and efficient in your work, regardless of the weather conditions.

/ Two layer Showerproof fabric / Waterproof rating: Up to 13,400mm H20 / Reflective taped H pattern around body with biomotion taping on sleeve / Quilted with polyester wadding for extra warmth / Two waist pockets with reflective waterproof zippers...
£73.99 £49.99
/ Active fit for extra comfort and movement / Showerproof fabric with polyester wadding for warmth / Quilting partitions at front and back body / Contrast fleece fabric at sleeves and lined hood / Front angled welt pockets with contrast...
/ Active fit for extra comfort and movement/ Showerproof fabric with polyester wadding for warmth/ Quilting partitions at front and back body/ Contrast fleece fabric at sleeves and lined hood/ Front angled welt pockets with contrast flap/ Elbow patches on...
£66.49 £39.99
⁄ Two layer showerproof fabric ⁄ Waterproof rating: Up to 13,400mm H2 0 ⁄ Reflective taped H pattern and biomotion taping on sleeves ⁄ Waterproof zip closure⁄ Quilted with polyester wadding for extra warmth ⁄ Two waist pockets with reflective...

Why Choose Bisley Puffer Jacket?

We understand the challenges faced by men working in various trades and here's why choosing us is a smart decision:

  • Adapted for the UK Climate: Our jackets are designed with a deep understanding of the UK's diverse climate. This ensures that they provide the necessary warmth and protection in various weather conditions, from brisk winds to unexpected rain.
  • Value for Money: We strike a balance between quality and affordability. Our jackets are reasonably priced, making high-quality workwear accessible to all, without compromising on the functionality and longevity you need in your daily work.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: We prioritise your comfort and satisfaction above all. From easy selection to efficient delivery, our customer service team is dedicated to providing a seamless shopping experience.
  • All-Size Fit: Recognising that comfort and fit are crucial for work performance, our jackets are available in a comprehensive range of sizes. This wide size range accommodates every worker to find a jacket that fits well and feels comfortable throughout the workday.

By choosing Bisley Workwear UK, you're investing in a product that supports your daily work life and offers the best value.

Key Qualities of Bisley Puffer Jacket Range

When considering a Bisley puffer jacket, it's essential to understand the specific features that set our jackets apart. Here's a detailed look at what makes our jackets a standout choice:

  • Weather-Resistant Design: Our men's puffer jackets are made with showerproof or waterproof fabrics, offering varying levels of water resistance up to 13,400mm H20, a measurement indicating the fabric's capability to withstand water pressure before leaking. This feature is crucial for outdoor work or activities, providing reliable protection against rain and wind.
  • Insulated for Warmth: A common characteristic of these jackets is the quilting with polyester wadding. This insulation is vital for retaining heat and providing extra warmth, making the jackets suitable for colder climates and winter weather conditions.
  • Functional Pockets and Storage: Practicality is enhanced through our range of jackets with various pocket designs. These include front welt pockets and internal mobile phone patch pockets. Such pockets are essential for carrying personal items or keeping hands warm.
  • Adjustable and Protective Hoods: Bisley puffer jackets feature adjustable hoods, lined for added comfort. The FLX & Move range includes features like concealed, built-in hoods with adjustable cords, and is designed for enhanced weather protection.
  • Additional Comfort and Safety Features: Our hi-vis puffer jackets are designed with features that enhance both comfort and safety, including quilted insulation and a chin guard zip stopper. These elements are crafted to ensure a better fit and ease of movement, while also enhancing visibility in low-light conditions. 

The high-quality design of our Bisley puffer jackets reflects our commitment to providing practical, durable, and comfortable workwear. With features tailored to meet the needs of the modern outdoorsman and worker, our jackets are versatile for performance and protection in diverse environments.

Bisley's Premium Jackets for Men in the Trades

We understand the need for robust men's work jackets that can endure the rigours of outdoor work. Our collection features jackets that are warm and also designed to resist the harshness of daily labour. Each jacket is a testament to our commitment to quality and durability in men's workwear. Let's explore our range collection:

FLX & MOVE™ Hooded Puffer Jacket

This jacket is the perfect example of functional workwear, blending comfort and protection. Its active fit ensures freedom of movement, vital for any task. 

The showerproof fabric, enhanced with polyester wadding, offers excellent warmth, while the quilted partitions on the front and back add to its insulation properties. Key features include:

  • Contrast fleece fabric at the sleeves and a lined hood for extra comfort.
  • Front-angled welt pockets with contrasting flaps for secure storage.
  • Elbow patches to enhance the jacket's longevity.
  • An internal mobile phone pocket for convenience.
  • A shaped, concealed built-in hood with an adjustable cord for superior weather protection.
  • An elasticated rib knit hem for a snug fit, keeping the cold out.

Taped Hi-Vis Puffer Jacket

Designed for visibility and protection, this jacket is ideal for challenging work environments. It features a two-layer showerproof fabric with a high waterproof rating of up to 13,400mm H20. 

The reflective tape in an H pattern around the body, with biomotion taping on the sleeves, ensures high visibility. Other notable features include:

  • Quilted insulation for additional warmth in cold conditions.
  • Waist pockets with reflective waterproof zippers for added functionality.
  • An adjustable, lined quilted hood for weather protection.
  • A chin guard zip stopper with a built-in wind stopper for extra defence against weather elements.

Puffer Jacket with Adjustable Hood

Our men's lightweight puffer jacket with a hood combines functionality with a sleek design. This jacket features a single-layer showerproof fabric with a waterproof rating of up to 10,380mm H20.

The lightweight quilted jacket is crafted to provide insulation without unnecessary bulk. Its key attributes include:

  • Waist pockets with waterproof zippers, provide secure storage options.
  • An internal phone patch pocket for easy access to your mobile device.
  • An adjustable drawcord at the waist for a customisable fit.
  • A lined, adjustable hood for adaptable weather protection.
  • Lined sleeves with internal wadding for additional warmth.
  • A chin guard zip stopper to shield against the wind.

From enhanced visibility in low light conditions to adjustable elements for a perfect fit, every jacket in our range meets and exceeds the expectations of our hardworking customers

Choose Quality with Our Men's Workwear Solutions

At Bisley Workwear UK, our collection of Bisley puffer jackets is designed to cater to both the demands of professional settings and the comfort required for casual wear.

Visit our website for comprehensive product details and options. If you prefer a hands-on shopping experience, our store locator on the website will guide you to the nearest stockist of Bisley products.

For those seeking personalised assistance or have specific queries, call us on 0800 9550 550 and our customer service team is available to help you. Bisley Workwear is here to provide you with the best quality of men's puffer jackets.

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