Hi Vis Fleece Work Jackets

Stay Safe & Warm with Bisley’s Hi-Vis Fleece Jackets

For tradies working in low light conditions, being visible is crucial to safety. However, it doesn’t hurt to have a layer of warmth as well. Enter the Hi Vis Fleece Jacket by Bisley UK. Available in orange and black, for both men and women, Bisley UK’s high-visibility fleece jacket will keep you warm and visible in even in the toughest conditions.

/ Stretch reflective taped hoop pattern around body / Premium polyester low pill fleece / 1/ 4 zip / Rib cuffs with thumb opening / Elasticated rib knit hem SIZE GUIDE UKK6989T EU Declaration of Conformity
/ Stretch reflective taped hoop pattern around body / Premium polyester low pill fleece / 1/ 4 Zip pullover style / Sherpa body lining for extra warmth / Rib cuffs with thumb opening / Elasticated rib knit hem SIZE GUIDE...

Shop Yellow, Black & Orange Hi Vis Fleece Jackets

Bisley’s fleece lined hi-vis jackets are the perfect visibility jacket for people working at night. Hi-vis fleece jackets are suitable in a variety of settings such as construction sites, highways, airports, and rail yards.

Our Bisley Hi Vis Fleece Jackets in the UK are fleece-lined and comes in orange, yellow and black. The jacket is not only comfortable to wear but also meets the high visibility standards required for safety wear. See product pages for individual EU Declaration of Conformity. 

When working in low-light and high-risk environments, it is essential that you remain seen. With Bisley UK’s Hi Vis Fleece Jacket, you can stay on top of your game and reduce the risks of incidents.

Premium Materials and Styles for Colder Weather

Bisley’s Hi Vis Fleece Jacket has enhanced features to meet the demands of workwear. Through research and development, our fleece-lined jackets have been designed to provide maximum comfort, warmth and protection. 

Our Hi Vis Fleece Jackets are made from premium-quality fabrics, ensuring that they are lightweight, breathable and comfortable enough to wear for long periods. While providing you visibility through high visibility colours, contrast with black hi vis fleece, and reflective taping. 

Practical Features for Added Functionality 

In addition to its safety features, our Hi Vis Fleece Jackets by Bisley UK also feature a variety of practical details that make them ideal for trade work. 

Our jackets’ zip pockets are a real bonus and come in handy for when you need to keep your phone, ID and other essentials close at hand. The cuffs are also adjustable, providing added protection against the cold elements and a comfortable fit. 

Find the Perfect Hi Vis Fleece Jacket for your Work Rotation

Bisley UK's Hi Vis Fleece Jacket is an excellent investment when it comes to safety, comfort and practicality. With its premium-quality fabric and enhanced features, our Hi Vis Fleece Jackets are designed to help you stay visible and warm in low-light conditions while providing added comfort and functionality. Whether you're looking for men's or women's high visibility fleece jacket, Bisley UK offers a range of options to suit your needs. 

Work smarter, not harder, by investing in quality workwear that meets your requirements. Stay safe and warm with Bisley UK's Hi Vis Fleece Jackets!

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