Hi-Vis Shirts - Safetywear for Men & Women

Welcome to Bisley Workwear UK, where we offer safety, comfort and durability in our workwear. Designed for both men and women, our hi-vis work shirts stand as a testament to our commitment to high-quality, industry-approved visibility for professionals in high-risk areas. 

Our range caters to a wide array of needs with practical options for day and night use, ensuring every professional finds their match. The versatility and robustness of Bisley’s hi-vis shirts make them indispensable in maintaining visibility and safety in low-light environments and diverse weather conditions.

/ Exceptional elasticity, soft and breathable polyester mesh fabric / Contrast coloured ribbed collar and cuff with double hi vis tipping / Contrast underarm extended gusset / Spliced front only with full hi vis back SIZE GUIDE UKK1219T EU Declaration...
/ Exceptional elasticity, soft and breathable polyester mesh fabric / Contrast coloured ribbed collar and cuff with double hi vis tipping / Contrast underarm extended gusset / Spliced front only with full hi vis back SIZE GUIDE UKK6219T EU Declaration...
/ Bisley signature perforated heat sealed reflective taped hoop pattern around body and biomotion taping on sleeves / Perforated heat applied reflective tape used to relieve heat stress and allow for movement and stretch / Contrast hi vis accents for...
£34.99 £22.99
/ Bisley signature perforated heat sealed reflective taped hoop pattern around body / Perforated heat applied reflective tape used to relieve heat stress and allow for movement and stretch / Contrast hi vis accents for extra safety / Contrast hi...
£30.99 £22.99

Why Bisley Is the Premier Choice for Hi-Vis Shirts?

Bisley has solidified its position as the leading choice for high-visibility shirts in the UK, a reputation that has been built over years of dedication to quality, innovation, and understanding the needs of the workforce. Our hi-vis shirts stand out not just by their bright colours and reflective materials but also by the careful thought and craftsmanship that go into each garment. Our hi-vis shirts undergo rigorous testing to confirm they meet safety standards and regulations, offering assurance to employers and workers. 

Recognising the crucial role visibility plays in workplace safety, especially in environments where poor lighting or fast-moving machinery increases the risk of accidents, we have dedicated significant resources to research and development. This guarantees that our safety shirts surpass industry standards for visibility. The incorporation of superior, high-quality materials and strategically positioned retroreflective tapes provide visibility from every angle, under all lighting conditions.

Whether your preference lies in a high-visibility long-sleeved shirt for comprehensive protection or a regular-weight shirt for all-around use, our collection is developed to meet all professional demands.

The Important Role of Hi-Vis Shirts for Workplace Safety

The importance of hi-vis shirts in the workplace embodies a comprehensive approach to ensuring the well-being and efficiency of all workers. These garments are designed with features that cater to both men and women.

  • Enhanced Visibility for Safety: Our hi-vis taped shirts feature a reflective taped hoop pattern, a critical design element that significantly increases visibility in low-light conditions or during night work. This detail in our reflective shirts is crucial for preventing accidents by making sure workers are easily seen by colleagues and machinery operators.
  • Ventilation for Comfort: Understanding the physical demands of many workplaces, our shirts feature a cotton mesh ventilation system on the back and under the arms for enhanced breathability. This design choice promotes air circulation, reducing heat build-up and keeping the wearer comfortable throughout the day.
  • Functional Design: Our shirts are thoughtfully designed with practical features to suit all wearers. They come equipped with two chest pockets, including a pen division for easy access. For the women's range, our shirts are tailored with panelled fronts for a flattering fit, providing comfort and utility.
  • Adaptability and Durability: The inclusion of a two-piece contrast-coloured structured collar and full gusset sleeve cuff adds to the durability and adaptability of our collection. These elements maintain the shape and functionality of the shirts over time, even in tough working conditions, making them a long-term investment in workplace safety.

Investing in high-quality hi-vis wear is employers’ commitment to protect the workforce and further contribute to the overall success and sustainability of operations.

The Features of Our Hi-Vis Shirts

The features of our collection are designed to address a wide array of safety and comfort needs across diverse working conditions. Here’s a closer look at the attributes of our safety shirts:

  • Hi-Vis for Day and Night: Developed for continuous visibility, our safety shirts include retroreflective taping, ensuring they are effective in both daylight and nighttime conditions. Retroreflective tape reflects light towards its source, significantly improving a worker's visibility in low-light scenarios. This feature guarantees that workers remain visible at all times, providing crucial protection against the risks associated with not being seen in high-risk areas.
  • Hi-Vis for Night Only: These shirts are designed for enhanced visibility in low-light conditions, featuring all-white fabric and retroreflective tape to meet the needs of those working after daylight hours. The combination of materials provides visibility at night, making it a reliable choice for employers looking to maintain safety standards and worker visibility in the dark.
  • Hi-Vis for Day Only: Tailored for maximum visibility during the day, these shirts are crafted from bright-coloured materials to stand out in sunlight. They are the go-to choice for individuals working outdoors, enhancing visibility in natural daylight, and serving as an important element for safety.
  • UV Protection with UPF 50+: Beyond safeguarding against the dangers of low visibility, our hi-vis shirts are equipped with a UPF 50+ rating to protect the skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. This feature is crucial for outdoor workers, minimising the risk of sunburn and contributing to the prevention of long-term skin damage, promoting a safer work environment under the sun.
  • Advanced Static Control: In workplaces where static electricity could pose a hazard, our shirts effectively reduce static buildup, protecting both the individual wearing the shirt from the sensitive equipment around them, providing a safer working environment for everyone involved.
  • Tailored Design for Women: In recognition of the diverse needs within our workforce, we offer a selection of shirts designed for trades women. Additionally, our summer range features lighter materials and superior ventilation to address the challenges of warmer weather, making sure that all workers have access to suitable, season-specific high-visibility apparel.
  • Advanced X Airflow™ Ventilation for Superior Comfort: Our innovative shirts are equipped with X Airflow™ ventilation technology, strategically positioned in crucial heat stress areas. This design significantly improves air circulation, effectively minimising the accumulation of heat and moisture. 

With advanced technology, thoughtful design, and a commitment to quality, our collection showcases our dedication to workplace safety and the diverse needs of our workforce.

Find the Best Quality Hi-Vis Shirts with Bisley Workwear UK

Prioritise your safety without compromising on comfort by exploring Bisley’s extensive selection of hi-vis workwear. Tailored to meet the demands of your job, our hi-vis shirts provide visibility and durability whether you're working under the bright sun or navigating the night.

In addition to our comprehensive range, we provide both men's and women's hi-vis t-shirts, as well as hi-vis cotton t-shirts. These selections provide a variety of choices that cater to diverse workplace needs and preferences.

Explore our website to discover the exceptional quality of our collection. For any questions or personalised assistance, call us at 0800 9550 550. Start shopping today and experience the difference with Bisley Workwear UK.

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