Men's Waterproof Work Jackets

Men's Waterproof Work Jacket - Rain Protection for Outdoor Work

Find the highest quality men's waterproof work jackets at Bisley Workwear UK. Our collection includes durable waterproof construction jackets and breathable waterproof workwear. Our jackets are your steadfast shield against the ever-changing British weather. Perfect for tradesmen who demand resilience and reliability, our jackets are more than just attire - they’re a part of your professional toolkit. Stay dry, stay comfortable, and stay ahead of the weather with Bisley UK, your partner in outdoor workwear attire.

/ Fabric waterproof rating: Up to 15,000mm H20 / Fully seam sealed waterproof garment / Dual layer waterproof dobby fabric with internal wadding for warmth / Multi-functional waterproof zip pockets / Shaped built in hood with collar stand for protection...
£81.95 £49.95
/ Fabric waterproof rating: Up to 10,000mm H20 / Showerproof garment / Silver infrared thermal lined mesh body for warmth and taffeta lined sleeves for comfort / Multi-functional waterproof zip pockets including two hand-warmer pockets / Shaped built in hood...
⁄ Showerproof fabric with breathable membrane⁄ Waterproof rating: Up to 8,000mm H2O⁄ Bonded internal fleece face⁄ Zip off detachable hood⁄ Two chest pockets with waterproof zip closure⁄ Black reflective piping⁄ Two waist inseam pockets with zip closure⁄ Chin guard zip...
⁄ Durable two layer waterproof and breathable fabric⁄ Waterproof rating: Up to 15,000mm H2O⁄ All seams are seam sealed⁄ Quilted lining for extra warmth⁄ Three piece shaped hood with adjustable toggles⁄ Two zip chest pockets⁄ Two waist inseam zip pockets⁄ Adjustable half elasticated cuff with touch tape tab...

Why Choose Bisley UK for a Waterproof Workwear Jacket?

Bisley UK men's workwear stands out as the premier choice for durable, reliable, and high-performance waterproof work jackets.

Constructed using advanced waterproof materials, each jacket stands as a protection against the harshest elements. The secret lies in our specialised two-layer showerproof fabric offering robust protection from rain, wind, and cold.

Our waterproof jackets are quilted with polyester wadding, adding an extra layer of warmth, perfect for those colder days or brisk mornings. Moreover, our collection boasts an impressive waterproof rating, varying from up to 13,400mm to a remarkable 20,000mm H20, ensuring you stay dry and focused, no matter the weather.

The waterproof rating of a jacket, measured in millimetres (mm), indicates its ability to withstand water pressure. A higher rating signifies greater water resistance. For example, a rating of 13,400mm H20 means the fabric can endure 13,400 millimetres of water pressure before water can penetrate it.

With Bisley's superior weatherproof jacket, your work doesn't stop when the weather becomes challenging. Our jackets are tested in the toughest conditions to ensure they can withstand heavy rain, keeping you protected and productive.

Designed for Comfort and Functionality

Comfort is key when you're on the job all day. Bisley jackets are more than just protective gear, they're designed to be part of your daily comfort. Here are the key features of our men's waterproof work jacket:

Breathable Waterproof Workwear for All-Day Comfort

The key to the exceptional comfort of our jackets is found in the advanced breathable fabric and membrane integrated within. This innovative materials ensures that you stay dry from the harsh elements while circulating air flow to keep you cool. This membrane acts as a critical component, allowing perspiration to escape while keeping rain and wind at bay. This effectively, allows your body to maintain an ideal temperature throughout your workday. No matter how hard the tasks or how cold the weather.

Adjustable Features for Every Worker

Our waterproof jacket collection has a variety of specialised cuff designs. The Contrast Sleeve Cuff Adjusters, for example, effectively prevent water from entering the wrists, essential during heavy rains. In addition, the Adjustable 1/2 Elasticated Cuffs with Touch Tape Tab Closure offer customisable flexibility. It lets you easily change your coverage with the weather's changes for optimal comfort and utility.

Further enhancing the functionality of our range, find men's waterproof work jackets with hoods for various weather scenarios. The Adjustable Lined Quilted Hood is ideal for colder and windier conditions, providing added warmth. You're able to also adjust the hood for a snug fit. For those seeking streamlined rain protection, the Built-In Adjustable Hood is also waterproof and seamlessly integrated into the jacket, offering robust defence against wet conditions.

In addition to these features, our range includes lightweight waterproof work jackets, ensuring you stay agile without compromising on protection.

Our Range of Waterproof Work Jackets

Our range of Bisley waterproof work jackets is created to meet and exceed the needs of the modern tradesman, particularly in the cold and rain. Let's dive into what makes each jacket in our waterproof men’s range special, highlighting its waterproof capabilities and added features.

Taped Hi Vis Puffer Jacket

As a standout in men's work jackets, this superior option guarantees dryness with its impressive 13,400m0m H20 waterproof rating and enhances your visibility with its strategically designed reflective H pattern and biomotion taping. The addition of quilted polyester wadding provides extra warmth for those colder work environments, while the thoughtful inclusion of an adjustable hood, secure waterproof zippered pockets, and an effective wind-stopper chin guard significantly boosts both its functionality and protection levels.

Taped Hi Vis Ripstop Bonded Fleece Jacket

This expertly designed jacket masterfully combines water resistance with essential warmth, featuring advanced waterproof fabric and high-visibility polar fleece. Its effectiveness in low-light conditions is significantly enhanced by the use of premium 3M reflective tape, ensuring your safety and visibility. For added practicality, the jacket is equipped with a conveniently adjustable hood and specially designed water-resistant sleeve cuffs, offering both functionality and a secure fit in diverse working conditions.

Taped Hi Vis 5-in-1 Rain Jacket

Exceptionally versatile and breathable, this all-weather jacket boasts an impressive 20,000mm H20 waterproof rating, ensuring unparalleled protection in even the most severe weather conditions. It features a padded body warmer and adaptable sleeves for varying temperature needs, multiple strategically placed pockets for enhanced functionality, and a comfort-focused chin guard, making it an ideal choice for diverse working environments.

Taped Hi Vis Rain Shell Jacket

Expertly designed for substantial protection, this jacket is crafted from a high-grade 20,000mm H20 waterproof and breathable fabric, reinforced with seam-sealed construction for ultimate weather resistance. It includes a strategically concealed hood, adjustable cuffs for a tailored fit, and a storm flap to provide enhanced coverage and protection against even the most challenging weather conditions.

Taped Double Hi-Vis Soft Shell Jacket

This highly durable jacket offers a 20,000mm H20 waterproof rating, complemented by a breathable membrane for optimal comfort. It features strategically placed reflective tape for enhanced visibility in low-light conditions, a layer of bonded fleece for added warmth in cooler environments, and secure zippered pockets for convenient, practical storage of essential items.

Taped Hi Vis Soft Shell Jacket with Hood

Ideal for milder weather scenarios, this versatile jacket boasts a 7,500mm H20 waterproof rating, ensuring effective protection against lighter rain. It includes a practical, detachable hood and eyelet ventilation for increased airflow and comfort. Key features such as reliable waterproof zippers and adjustable cuffs enhance its overall functionality, making it a smart choice for a variety of outdoor work situations.

Each jacket in our collection is designed with specific features to cater to different work environments, ensuring high visibility, waterproof protection, and comfort in various weather conditions.

Shop the Best Waterproof Work Jacket at Bisley UK!

With our Men's Waterproof Work Jackets, you're not just purchasing a jacket, you're investing in your comfort, safety, and productivity. To explore our full range, visit our website or contact us at 0800 9550 550 for more information. You can also find our products at various stockists which you can find by using the store locator on our website. Shop the best in men's waterproof workwear jackets with Bisley UK.

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