Mens Polo Work Shirts

Men’s Polo Workwear Shirts

Polos are cool and comfortable for work. Our men’s work polo shirts are made with wrinkle-resistant polyester, and are available in a range of colours - in brights and darks. 

Shop cool mesh, hi vis, slim fit, or long sleeve work polo shirts. Bisley’s workwear polos provide a variety of choice for the practical work on-site or in the office, offering easy styling with trousers or other bottoms for the modern work day. 


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The Best Polo Shirts For Work

Polo work shirts are an easy choice when it comes to finding a cool, breathable and sharp looking top. Bisley Workwear offers polyester work polo shirts with 100% or blended polyester, which is a fabric known for its strength and durability. Polyester is also naturally wrinkle-resistant, and easily springs back to its natural shape.

Paired with some clever features to make them more practical, these workwear polos really come ready to work. 

  • Protection From Bacteria, Odours And Stains - Not all our polos have the Bioscience Fresche treatment, but it’s a favourite feature in some of our workwear. Our short sleeve cool mesh polo with reflective piping for example is treated with Fresche’s natural antibacterial treatment for long term protection from bacteria, fungus, smells and stains.
  • Built In Stretch - With our fully polyester or polyester and cotton pique knit blend, all our polo work shirts are made for movement.
  • Sun Protective Design - Bisley polo shirts are graded for sun protection so you can prepare your workwear when you’re expecting to work on a sunny day.

A Range Of Designs To Choose From

There are so many affordable work polo shirts made for quality to love, and will make your working days easier. Look sharp with a versatile black work polo shirt with a modern fit. Or take a turn away from the traditional and add some more colour to your work wardrobe with a polo in bright red or royal blue. There’s also always our neon or two tone work polo shirts for compliant hi vis wear. 

Bisley Workwear’s polo work shirts offers a timeless appearance, in a fresh, comfortable, and moveable design that lets you get on with the job. Find your next practical and easy to wear work shirt now.

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