Hi Vis Pullover Work Jackets

Hi Vis Pullover Jackets

Working outside comes with its own set of risks, especially if you work in construction or heavy industries. In low-light and high-risk environments, it’s important that you wear the right hi-vis protective wear to keep you visible and help lower the risks of harm. Bisley Hi Vis Pullover Jackets combine warmth, practicality and visibility on the job, letting you work in both safety and comfort. 


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Bisley Hi Vis Pullover Jackets

Pullover jackets have an undeniably comfortable, cozy and movable design. Without the zips or buttons at the front, these pullover jackets feel like the traditional hoodie, giving more cover to keep in the warmth. At Bisley Workwear UK, we have a range of different pullover designs in Hi-Vis, letting you choose the option that best suits your type of work. 

Hi Vis Fleece Pullovers

Sherpa fleece lined and available in hi vis orange and yellow w/ black, our hi vis fleece pullover jackets are made to deliver visibility and warmth in busy and low-light conditions. Each hi vis fleece pullover comes with wide front kangaroo-style shaped pockets to easily give you a way to keep your hands warm, or keep items close by. You will love your work hoodie for both time on-site and off the clock. 

Hi Vis Windbreaker Pullovers

In strong winds, pull on a hi-vis windbreaker. Made with lightweight fabric in a tight weave designed to shield you from the wind, this is the perfect hi-vis jacket for those extra windy days. 

Waterproof Hi Vis Pullovers

You can find the perfect pullover option in rain or shine in our collection. Stay safe, visible and dry with a waterproof hi-vis pullover hoodie. Made with water-resistant materials and stitched to prevent water from getting in, its the perfect option for high visibility and comfort for wet weather days. 

Find the perfect hi-vis pullover jacket to add to your PPE rotation at Bisley Workwear UK. 

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