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You Choice For Women’s Puffer Vests 

At Bisley Workwear UK, we understand the evolving requirements of today's workplace, offering work attire that protects you from unpredictable weather elements and ensures you maintain a professional appearance.

Crafted with meticulous attention to durability, our puffer vests are specifically designed to meet the needs of tradeswomen facing challenging conditions. These vests stand as a testament to our commitment to quality and functionality, supporting you in various work environments with exceptional comfort and resilience.

/Showerproof fabric /Quilted with polyester wadding for warmth /Extended ribbed hem basque to maintain warmth /Internal ribbed collar /Waist pocket with waterproof reflective zippers /Gathered armhole SIZE GUIDE

Why Choose Bisley for Women’s Puffer Vests?

Our vests are designed to complement long-sleeved work shirts, providing a layer of warmth that doesn't compromise mobility or comfort. Unlike bulkier jackets, these vests allow full arm movement, supporting productivity and efficiency regardless of the task.

Ideal for those who transition between outdoor sites and cooler indoor spaces, our puffer vests are a versatile addition to any workwear wardrobe. Our navy and black puffer vests for women withstand the demands of tough work environments but also maintain a classic and professional look.

We are committed to delivering workwear solutions that meet the requirements of our customers. Our women's puffer vests are a testament to this commitment, offering a balance of durability and protection. Whether you're facing weather challenges or simply seeking an added layer of comfort, Bisley has you covered with our selection of premium workwear solutions.

High-Quality Features of Our Women's Workwear Vest

Each element of our women's puffer vest has been thoughtfully developed to offer comfort, practicality and safety in various work conditions. From the fabric to the fittings, every detail is tailored to support the dynamic needs of working women.

  • Showerproof Fabric: Our women's puffer vests are designed with a showerproof fabric that offers essential protection against light rain. This feature is particularly beneficial for professionals who work in varying outdoor conditions, helping to keep you dry and focused on your tasks without the worry of getting wet from unexpected weather changes.
  • Quilted with Polyester Padding: Our women's workwear vests are quilted with premium polyester padding, providing effective insulation that keeps you warm in colder weather. The choice of polyester padding ensures that warmth is maintained without adding significant weight, offering a balance of comfort and mobility for day-long wear.
  • Extended Ribbed Hem Basque: Featuring an extended ribbed hem at the bottom, our puffer vests are designed to offer improved coverage and help in trapping heat, especially around the lower back area. This thoughtful design element contributes to sustained comfort and warmth throughout long working hours, making it easier to stay focused and productive.
  • Internal Ribbed Collar: Our vest includes a raised internal ribbed collar, adding a layer of protection for your neck against the cold. This design helps prevent drafts from reaching your upper body, ensuring that warmth is retained effectively around critical areas.
  • Waist Pocket with Waterproof Reflective Zippers: Equipped with a waist pocket that features waterproof, reflective zippers, our vests not only provide a secure place for storing your belongings but also enhance visibility in low-light conditions. This safety feature is invaluable for those who work during early mornings or late evenings, or in environments where visibility is a concern.
  • Gathered Armhole: The design includes gathered armholes, offering a comfortable and flexible fit that allows for unrestricted movement. This feature guarantees that the vest remains well-insulated and warm, while still allowing full range of motion.

Our collection offers both protection and comfort, enhancing the workday for every professional woman.

Explore Our Teped Hi-Vis Reversible Puffer Vest

Discover the premium features of our hi-vis reversible women's puffer vests. This collection is designed to support women in diverse work settings, offering high visibility with functional design elements.

  • Waterproof Rating up to 20,000mm of Water: Featuring a high waterproof rating, these vests offer superior protection against heavy rain, ensuring dryness and comfort in even the most challenging weather conditions. This high level of waterproofing is achieved through advanced fabric technology, designed to keep water out while maintaining breathability.
  • Reflective Taped H Pattern Around Body: Visibility is crucial in many work environments, especially in low light conditions. Our vests feature a reflective taped H pattern around the body, significantly enhancing visibility and safety for the wearer. This thoughtful addition is ideal for those working in construction, roadside assistance, or any field requiring high visibility attire.
  • Waterproof Outer Shell Fabric: The outer shell is crafted from a waterproof fabric that keeps weather elements at bay, while also resists wear and tear. This durable material is a key component of our women's puffer vest providing lasting protection.
  • Reversible Style (2 in 1 Look): Flexibility in workwear is a must, and our reversible puffer vests offer just that with a 2 in 1 look. One side provides the high visibility needed for safety on the job, while the reverse side in black offers a more casual look suitable for other settings, maximising the vest's utility.
  • Two Front Waist Inseam Pockets and Waist Welt Hand Warmers Pocket on the Reverse Side:  The inclusion of these features provides a combination of utility and comfort. This design allows easy access to essentials while also keeping your hands warm in cooler conditions. The strategic placement of pockets enhances the vest's functionality, making it a practical choice for various settings.
  • Heavy Duty Two-Way Zipper Front Opening: Ease of use is highly important in workwear. This feature allows for quick and easy access to inner layers without sacrificing warmth or protection, and the two-way design adds flexibility in how the vest can be worn and adjusted.

Available in yellow and orange, these vests are a vital safety tool for those working in challenging environments. By choosing our taped hi-vis reversible women's puffer vest, you're investing in a versatile, durable, and safety-enhancing addition to your workwear collection.

Shop with Us for High-Quality Women’s Puffer Vests

At Bisley Workwear UK, we offer women's puffer vests tailored for professional use and everyday comfort. These vests offer practicality and versatility for any setting.

For product details and to view our selection, please explore our website. To see our products in person, use the store locator to find the nearest Bisley stockist.

If you need personalised assistance or have specific questions, our customer service team is available to help. You can reach us at 0800 9550 550. Let us assist you in finding the perfect workwear solution.

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