Night Safety Workwear

Remain Visible at Night with our White Reflective Workwear

Equip yourself for night work with Bisley Workwear’s Night Workwear range. Our collection of night reflective jackets, pullovers, shirts, trousers, vests and coveralls are designed in compliance with European night visibility standards to ensure that you stand out in high-risk environments at night.


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Shop Bisley’s Range of Night Workwear

Bisley Workwear leads the way in high-quality night workwear. We understand that when you are working at night, you require work clothes that are compliant with European night high visibility standards to ensure you remain visible. You also require comfortable clothing made with warm breathable fabric, made in designs that let you easily stretch and move. Our night workwear is also created for practicality, giving you wide pockets to store items. 

Our range of visibility workwear for night use is comprehensive so you can shop for all the hi-vis garments you need:

Reflective Jackets

Our night jackets are reflective with biomotion taping that bounces back light from motorists and machines while not restricting arm movement. The waterproof and breathable fabric of these hi-vis jackets also lets you stay dry in the rain and stay cool as your temperature naturally rises while you work. 

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Reflective Shirts

Bisley’s reflective shirts are made from 100% cotton preshrunk drill to prevent shrinking over time. The two-button adjustable cuffs make it easy to adjust the sleeves in length throughout the day. Our shirts are also white taped with reflective materials to bounce back light to help keep you visible.

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Reflective Trousers

Find night reflective trousers made from waterproof & breathable fabric for rainy weather or heavy-duty drill fabric based on your worksite’s needs. Every night reflective trousers are made with an angled pocket design to store tools.

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Bisley Workwear offers all the workwear and hi-vis clothing you need for your job. Our night workwear is made with reflective materials and reflective tape to keep workers who often work at night, such as road traffic control and construction sites, safe. 

Find the right hi vis night garments for your workwear requirements today! Alternatively, shop our Women’s Workwear range for workwear tailored to women’s fit and sizing.

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